This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Stop Having Sex

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Hectic work schedules. Travel. Break-ups. Illness.

These are just a few reasons why your sex life is at a standstill. But did you know that sexual abstinence can be detrimental to your health? Here’s what actually happens to your body when you spend less sexy time:

Your sex drive suffers

Based on Prevention, once your body didn’t feel anything related to orgasm, it just automatically adjusts not to feel and seek them out.

If you think you are not that keen to lose your sexual drive in a bit, masturbation can help. Holly Richmond, a certified sex therapist, stated that individuals who are comfortable with masturbation are known to be more thoughtful. Hence, you do not need to feel shy.

For men, they can lose their sex drive once they do not use it. Numerous research discovered that once a man doesn’t practice their ‘rights’ along with their little buddy down there, there’s a higher chance for them to develop erectile dysfunction. Why? It’s because sex greatly helps them safeguard nerve fibers and blood vessels which are crucial for men to get an erection.

Your antibodies fail to fight viruses

Apart from that, we also become more vulnerable to illness once we stop getting laid. Mayo Clinic emphasizes that Dehydroepiandrosterone (or DHEA), a specific hormone is usually released when you’re aroused. It provides your immune system a boost, which is necessary for combating against viruses, bacteria and other germs.

Though not having sex won’t let you suffer from any major illness, you’ll still be missing other benefits it has to offer. It has been documented that DHEA hormone may serve as an antidepressant as it helps your damaged skin to heal quickly. Moreover, it also improves your learning abilities and apprehension.

In addition to that, a study discovered that those who have sex at least once or twice every week experience an increase in immunoglobulin level, a type of antibody which is essential for immune functions.

The wall of your vagina starts to deteriorate

There’s a higher chance for older women not to feel anymore the pleasure when having sex once they didn’t exercise it regularly. Generally, the vaginal walls weakened and became thinner. Once this happens, intercourse will be extremely painful. So, what do you need to do?

Dr. Streicher explained to Reader’s Digest that it occurs because there’s a lack of blood circulation that can be easily increased through sexual penetration and arousal.

Say hi to wet dreams

Just like a teenage boy with raging hormones, women who haven’t had sex for quite some time will miss what it feels like to make love. Their body reminds them they are missing something before sleeping.

For men, it’s easy to study their nocturnal emission. Obviously, men have visible erections and ejaculation as a sign they’ve reached their climax.  It was more complicated with women. Researchers have to determine their brain activity, measure their heartbeat rate and monitor their body temperature. Although it was difficult, they still managed to report that about 37% of women (45 years old and below) will experience wet dreams.


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