The Do’s and Dont’s of Oral Sex

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One way to make things explode and be satisfied is the oral sex. On its own way, it is fun part of foreplay. It makes some women reach its peak of orgasm easier than the intercourse. The pleasure you are seeking at is already on its hot spot. There are dos and don’ts of oral sex that need to be taken seriously.


  • Taking a shower is a must.

For some people, the idea of oral sex is not that good for it seems not so hygienic. That idea is relatively true if you are not taking a bath or a shower in weeks and that is so gross. If you both shower regularly, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. It is more playful thing if you go on trying it both by taking bath together. That is a blast.

  • Play out, do some tricks.

Your techniques in doing oral sex must vary. Well, definitely it’s all about sucking and licking, but there are a lot of ways on how you can get through it. You can do it gently or a bit rougher, slowly and for a naughtier act, teasing act and faster can help you blow out. Focus on the tip of the penis or the clitoris area or just roam around for the best peak. Let your tongue flutter, make it move in different strokes, sucks on a man’s testicles or a hand jab or fingering as well will do the blast. Make it a point that your partner’s peak is important so doesn’t cut it off. Continue what you are doing because abruptly changing your technique can be a real turn-off. Moreover, as long as you enjoy the process of oral sex just go with the flow, moaning, somehow adds the enjoyment of oral sex.

  • 69 is up, move it!

There are a lot of positions that you can go out during oral sex but this one 69 is the best one for it. A simultaneous act which means you and your partner are pleasuring each other at the same time. A huge turn-on just notices some points. If you are hitting the right spots, this position is all about give and take. You can alternate this thing using your hands or fingers.


  • Forget to use protection.

Protection is a must for oral sex or any types of sex. Many diseases can be caused by oral sex. Living a healthy life and having a functional immune system mean there is a little risk of getting cancer or STI’s from oral sex.

  • Force yourself to do it.

If you are not a type of partner who doesn’t like oral sex, that is fine. You don’t need to force yourself to do it, just because your partner demands it. Oral sex is fun if both of you enjoy it. You can talk about it between your partners if it’s always been an issue. It’s not fair to refuse to give your partner oral pleasure if you want them to go down on you.

  • Believe the myths.

Plenty of myths and misconceptions are going around about oral sex. But of course if you use protection, there’s no need to worry about.

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