Signs You Are Dating A Sex Addict

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One of the perils of dating new people is that you never know whom you may wind up with. While most relationships turn out alright, some can be scary. Part of that problem is when you end up dating someone addicted to sex. Unfortunately, you could be dating a sex addict now and don’t even realize it. One of the fastest growing addictions for people in the USA is sex. To make matters worse, it is one of the most difficult to discern and treat. There are some signs to look out for that will let you know if you are dating a sex addict.

A person who is addicted to sex is defined as someone whose life and acts are dominated by it. They are sexually dependent on the experience and all things related to sex acts. For them, the addiction to sex becomes the most important issue. All other aspects of their lives take second place. Even crucial things such as working, eating regularly and other are not prioritized.

Most sex addicts – like all abusers – are very astute in hiding their addiction. As their obsession with sex increases, they will organize their lives accordingly. The individuals engage in behavior which is often reckless and risky. But, they will attempt to hide what they are doing at all cost. In the event you may feel you are dating a sex addict or want to know more, the signs below are some to look out for.

Liars And Cheaters

If there is one thing a sex addict is good at, is lying and cheating. But, the problem is that there are many people who are not addicted to sex who lie and cheat as well. What separates an addict from regular liars and cheaters is the continuity. They have to have it so the lies and cheating are never ending and nonstop.

No Moral Compass

A person obsessed with sex will do all he or she can to keep their addiction secret. At first, you will never see any lack of character traits in their behavior. But, pretty soon you will see their true self begin to come out. Most of those addicted to sex are narcissistic sociopaths. They also have double lives and become experts at manipulation and lying.

Masturbates Continually

Some people who have dated sex addicts reported about their habitual masturbation. In some cases, even after the couple finished having great sex, the other will masturbate.

Avoids Commitments

A person addicted to sex will do all he can to avoid committing to anything or anyone. They may be with someone in a relationship, but for all the wrong reasons.

Is Into Kinky Sexual Things

You may have found the kinky things your partner told you to try at first to have been great. But, now the sexually kinky stuff have escalated. He or she may want to choke you, hit you or do other things during sex. They may also want you to try far out things or mention them to see your reaction.

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