What Pornography Does To Your Brain

What Pornography Does To Your Brain


Viewing porn has always been about visual stimulation. Nothing can get a person aroused faster than hot porn pictures, animated sex GIF images and adult videos. As visual creatures, humans enjoy being stimulated by these erotic images. This is part of the reason why pornography is so popular. It is also why the industry is so successful and profitable.

But, besides exciting people visually, porn also stimulates the brain. Tons of researches have been done to try and find what pornography does to your brain. The number of studies have increased the past few years because of several reasons. For one, statistics show that more people are viewing porn online than ever before. Over 70% of males between the ages of 18 to 24 view porn online at least once a month. At the same time, one out of every three women also view porn regularly.

Based on these high numbers, scientists, sex experts and others want to know the effects porn has on the human brain. You have psychologists, doctors, sociologists and eurobiologists who want to know more. There have been hundreds of studies done in the past dealing with pornography and its effects. Yet most of that research was done over 25 years ago in some cases. The porn pictures, sex GIFS images and videos being watched today is much different. Especially the one being viewed by young teens and young adults. Because of that, new focus has been placed on the matter. People want to know if watching too much porn can have negative or positive effects? Does it cause long term damage or will it help the viewer in any way?

Chemicals Released By Sex & Porn

Whenever a person views porn or has sex, there are various things which happen to the human body and brain. The human brain releases many chemicals depending on the situation. There’s no exception when it comes to watching porn or having sex. What is known is that during sex or when one is looking at pornography, several chemicals are released. Two of them are vasopressin and oxytocin. Interestingly enough, the two hormones are chemicals which help people recollect long-term memories.

The hormones act as a connection that bonds whatever is giving you pleasure sexually and the memory of it. It is a similar sensation to how the human brain is stimulated when being high. The human body will experience a sense that reverberates throughout the entire body.

Besides these two chemicals, the brain releases serotonin. The serotonin levels in our brains are responsible for providing several feelings. They are relaxation and tranquility sensations. What is interesting about this chemical reaction is what happens when the experience is linked to porn. The brain typically tells the individual that he or she needs to view porn again whenever the same sexual desire comes up. This is instead of a real and actual sexual encounter.

Another chemical put in motion because of sexual arousal or how one responds to it, is dopamine. The chemical is responsible for an individual becoming addicted to porn. Dopamine is the reward-driven hormone which controls a part in our brain. Viewing porn and having sex triggers basic reactions in our brains like other stimulants do. Just like drugs, alcohol and other stimulants increase the levels of dopamine, so does pornography viewing. Before long, the brain becomes addicted to porn images and uses it to achieve high arousal levels.

Hardcore Porn Triggers

The male human brain has some mirror neurons which are set off when a person watches hardcore porn. Viewing sexually explicit pornography put in motion the mirror neurons. In turn, a need is created by the neuron system triggers. The body becomes tensed sexually and requires arousal and release. As a person looks at hardcore porn, the brain becomes convinced that it must have release. This is when the only act left for a person to be satisfied, is to masturbate.

Health Issues & Disorders Linked To Porn Viewing

Watching porn occasionally does not have the same effect on people who watch it excessively. Those who become addicted to porn viewing often have to deal with certain issues. They can be depression, bipolar disorders, anxiety and other health issues. This may explain why some individuals have a tendency to masturbate when they feel lonely and depressed. To them, the only way they can feel better and calm themselves is by masturbating. At the same time, couples who view porn together can enhance their sexual experiences and overall satisfaction. Some men will say that they rather masturbate to porn than be unfaithful to their spouses.

An Addict’s Mind and A Porn Mentality

The mind of an addict is generally compared to the brain of an alcoholic or drug addict. Studies have shown that the brain of an alcoholic reacts the same way that a porn addict’s does when it comes to visuals. When shown an image of a drink, an alcoholic’s brain lights up. That is the same thing which happens to a person who is addicted to porn. The Cambridge University study also found that there is a difference in three parts of a human brain when it comes to porn viewers. Those who have sexual behavior which is compulsive, have three regions in their brains which are more active than those who are not. In the end, it appears as if too much porn viewing can end up being compared to any other type of addiction. To the human brain, it’s just another need and desire that has to be filled.